Bring it Home San Bruno

From the sweet and pleasant scents of lush sycamore forests to spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay, San Bruno hosts a wide assortment of experiences for any biker or hiker looking for a nice and relaxing escape from the city. Whether you are looking for a simple walking trail or a bike trail, such as the famous Lincoln Hill Pathway and NWP Railroad Trail, you will not be disappointed.

Are you looking for an excellent trail near San Bruno, CA? We have you covered. If you’re interested in lacing up those old hiking boots and heading out on a beautiful and open trek that provides stunning and lovely views of the area, then make sure that you check out these popular trails and hiking spots in San Bruno.

Alameda Creek Regional Trail

Did you know that the famous Alameda Creek Regional Trail runs gracefully from the mouth of the popular Niles Canyon in Fremont to the San Francisco Bay? This is great as it allows recreational access to the levees on each side of Alameda Creek as well as its flood control channel. It is worth noting that the trail is about 12 miles long on each side of the lovely creek.

Note that the southern side is well paved and preferred by cyclists in the area. On the other hand, the northern side is unpaved and is open to all equestrian users. It is worth mentioning that both sides gracefully traverse many densely-populated areas, and people use them heavily.

So, you have the option to take a relaxed and fun stroll around the loop with bikers and joggers. In contrast, you can head up into the winding trails, especially if you’re in the mood for some serious hiking.

You should know that a big part of the Alameda Creek Trail is a notable component of the famous San Francisco Bay Trail. It is part of a developing effort to develop a 500-mile multiuse trail that encircles its namesake bay.

You will find parking for the Alameda Creek Regional Trail at its eastern end. It is at the Niles Staging Area in Fremont. And additional parking is available in Fremont on Isherwood Way as well as the Beard Staging Area located on Beard Road.

Sweeney Ridge Trail

You may have heard of the Sweeney Ridge Trail via Sneath Lane. It is a beautiful 12.4-kilometer heavily trafficked trail located in San Bruno, CA. The trail features gorgeous and pleasant wildflowers, and experts rate it as moderate.

You will be happy to know that the trail offers various activity options. Keep in mind that dogs can also use this trail, but you must keep them on leash.

The Sweeney Ridge Trail is open to equestrians, hikers, and bikers from 8:00 am to dusk. However, there aren’t any amenities on Sweeney Ridge. This is why you should pack your lunch, take enough water, take extra layers of clothing, wear great hiking shoes, and always carry a compass.

Did you know that spring wildflowers are fantastic along the Sneath Lane Trail? This is where a great variety of unique plants and flowers grow throughout the coastal scrub.

Fifield-Cahill Ridge Trail

This is another thrilling trail. Fifield-Cahill Ridge Trail is an excellent 20.9-kilometer moderately trafficked point-to-point trail near San Bruno. This trail features many beautiful wildflowers. If you are a local nature lover, you will enjoy the rare opportunity to bike, hike, or ride the horses through pristine and lovely stands of old Douglas Fir, fragrant and evergreen coastal scrub, as well as enjoy ridge-top vistas of various reservoirs, watershed lands, the Pacific Ocean as well as the San Francisco Bay. This trail offers many activity options, and you can access it year-round.

Alum Rock Park Trail

Note that nestled between the Mountain Diablo foothills and Alum Rock Canyon, Alum Rock Park is California’s oldest park. Did you know that from the early to mid-1900s, the park was a popular spa and resort, complete with a restaurant, an excellent indoor swimming pool, and mineral baths?

Alum Rock Park provides an excellent and serene area for mild exercise; however, as the incline is not too dramatic, it is a perfect choice for all levels! The 2.4-mile trail closely follows a specific part of the old railroad line. You will be happy to know that it is an excellent family trail and offers an abundance of many modern facilities; however, it maintains its natural beauty as well as many unique geological formations. Also, note that the paved part of this trail is accessible by wheelchair as well.

You should know that this trail starts as a dirt track and has a rather steep incline as it gradually heads out into the huge park but soon levels out. You will find Penitencia Creek and rolling hills on the left.

You will notice a change in scenery after about half a mile. You will pass the shaded and serene Quail Hollow picnic area. Keep in mind that the surface becomes smooth and paved soon after. On your way, you will also see a visitor center featuring many picnic benches, a ranger station, open spaces for horseshoe pits and sports.

You will find two playgrounds nearby. They are located on each side of the visitor center. One playground has tot swings and is ideal for small children, while the other playground has larger equipment designed for older kids.