Bring it Home San Bruno

If you have kids, accessibility to nearby playgrounds, parks, daycare centers, and high-rated preschools is important. You will find many parks and playgrounds in Crestmoor. Some of them are Frontierland Park, Sellick Park, as well as San Bruno City Park Playground.

It is no secret that these playgrounds and parks provide excellent recreational facilities for children and adults. Your family can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing picnic under the shade in any summer month or simply walk along a beautiful trail for a friendly weekend activity with your kids.

You will be happy to know that Crestmoor has a neighborly feel, and 69% of homes are owner-occupied with a household size (average) of 2.5 members.

If you’ve kids or plan on having kids in the future, it is best to check out the nearby schools. You will find two B+ and higher-rated elementary schools in this district. Did you know that Summit Public School – Shasta Campus is among two A+/A/A- rated high schools in this district?