Bring it Home San Bruno

If you are thinking about spending some fantastic time this fall while participating in a cause, then the Guardsman pumpkin patch is an ideal option for you. We all love pumpkin festivals that help us remember our childhood or spend some wonderful time with friends and family. The Guardsmen Pumpkin Patch is an event that offers you everything you crave for and expect from a fair in the Bay Area.

Whether you get the chance to reach the spot in the morning or visit it at night, you will definitely experience something unique and distinctive in the event. Visit during the day to enjoy pumpkin-based treats or go at night to get some unique beverages and soothing music. Not to mention, the enthusiastic crowd is willing to play their part to develop the society is cheerful and pleasing.

This pumpkin fair welcomes everybody from any age group or ethnicity. Being one of the most incredible pumpkin festivals of San Francisco and surrounding areas, it offers activities for both children and adults. The management and organization of the activities, food carts, pumpkin trucks, and other things also give you an artistic and appealing look. If San Bruno residents have never visited Guardsmen’s events, this is their time to experience something energetic, mind-blowing, and unique.

Background Information

The Guardsmen is launching this large-scale outdoor pumpkin patch to support at-risk youngsters like they have been doing for many years. You may know that Guardsmen have organized countless successful events since 1947. These events aim to raise funds so that they can provide resources to the children. You may also want to know that the Guardsmen collect up to $1 million each year.

Interestingly, the Guardsmen do their best to use this money wisely and send 2,500 youth to outdoor education programs every year. They also provide scholarship support to around 250 children at 78 Bay Area private schools. And about 97% of the fundraising comes from the support programs for children.

Things Guardsmen Pumpkin Patch Offers You

Not only are you giving back to the Bay Area, but you will also experience joyous and fun moments from picking a delicious pumpkin or participating in an exciting family activity.

Here are some highlights of what you will get by spending your time at the Guardsmen Pumpkin Patch.

All Sorts of Scrumptious Pumpkins

Do you love to try tasty and mouthwatering pumpkins? The Guardsmen Pumpkin Patch 2021 offers you a wide range of pumpkins and gourds.  Enjoy green, white, and blue pumpkins for only $25. You will also see old farm trucks filled with a great variety of pumpkins.

Craft Cocktail and Food

Of course, when it comes to fun and entertainment, the Guardsmen Pumpkin Patch never forgets to fill your tummy. From mouthwatering foods to lip-smacking cocktails, you can get your hands on everything.

Things that you will surely find at the event are bears, wine, cocktails, caramel apples, bags of popcorn, and candy. The prices are also pretty affordable.

Carving Contest

Carving contest- sounds exciting? Well, it is. During this fall, you can show off your creative carving skills. This event will have a pumpkin carving contest where you can design your pumpkin in whatever way you want. All you need to do is purchase a carving kit for only $15 and enjoy a memorable time being around the fantastic artistic people.

Some Other Things You Will Like

Besides the above, you may also enjoy Halloween music that will get you in the Halloween spirit. Don’t forget to check out some Halloween movies while eating your purchased pumpkin.

How can we forget capturing all those memorable moments! You will get lots of photo opportunities with the great pumpkins and crowd.

Location and Time

Residents of San Bruno surely have visited San Francisco, whether to taste delicious shrimp or crab or get amused by the Golden Gate Park. You will be pleased to know that this festival will be held at 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, at Fort Mason. As the place is pretty popular, you can easily find it.

The festival will begin from Oct 14th and continue till Oct 24th. Just make sure to remember the timings as it will remain open from 5 to 9 pm on Monday-Thursday and 9 am to 9 pm from Friday to Sunday.