Bring it Home San Bruno

A professional Power Washing service provider for cleaning and revitalizing most any outdoor structural surface, which secondly prepares these surfaces for protective treatment applications. Aqua Pro expertly advises and applies high quality  Sealants & Stains to the (Masonry & Wood)-structures it prepares for their respective treatments. This not only maintains each structure, it beautifies the property.


Power Washing is an extremely effective process, but it needs to be done right, and with our experienced techniques we eliminate embedded dirt, mold, mildew, and fungi professionally from WOOD, MASONRY, and SIDING without using harsh chemicals or leaving cleaning patterns especially crucial to wood. After we pressure clean, you will definitely see the difference! We can then treat (stain and or seal) surfaces  to prevent rapid aging from harmful elements like the sun, rain and outdoor exposure. This effectively makes your property’s respective outdoor areas look and feel like new for you and your guest’s to enjoy.

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