Bring it Home San Bruno

It is no secret that there are few restaurant rows in the entire Bay Area as densely diverse as the San Mateo Avenue in San Bruno. For example, you can shop for fresh masa, halal meat, and taro leaves at some of the markets here. You should know that San Mateo‘s convenient location in the middle of the California Peninsula grants San Bruno simple and quick access to both the South Bay and San Francisco.

Did you know that San Bruno and Berkeley are the homes of two famous restaurants in the Bay Area that were recently named in Yelp’s prestigious Top 100 Places to Eat? Also, it is worth noting that San Bruno remains one of the best destinations for Japanese food, such as sushi. It has many Japanese restaurants and eateries specializing in this hard-to-find culinary sub-genre.

For many people figuring out the finest restaurants in San Bruno is not easy. We are here to help. Offering everything from jerk chicken and ramen to lobster rolls, these are the best restaurants in San Bruno.


Marza is located only a few minutes from the busy San Francisco Airport and specializes in rotisserie chicken, wood-fired meats, wraps, and even seasonal mezzas, which are amazing. Did you know that Mazra opened recently on the Upper Peninsula in early March 2020, just as coronavirus pandemic restrictions were affecting the industry?

You will be happy to know that the restaurant’s all-halal Mediterranean menu features many traditional and tasty family recipes brought to the US by Ahlam and Randy Makableh when they emigrated from Jordan. The restaurant offers a relaxing and comfy environment to grab a drink with your friends.


This restaurant in San Bruno is impressive because of the chic atmosphere and remarkable raw fish provided on a random strip of El Camino Real. You should know that Gintei is an authentic and elegant Japanese sushi restaurant that will delight you with fresh and tasty fish from Japan’s revered Tsukiji market. You will also love the elegant ambiance, as well as attentive service.

You may find that your first decision is probably the toughest and most time-consuming at Gintei: Do you want to make your personal a la carte choice in the dining room or go with the omakase at the sushi counter? And make sure that you round out your meal with a few cooked items, such as beef tongue stew or chicken karaage. This is because Gintei has izakaya chops as well.

Taqueria San Bruno

One of the best things about eating at this fantastic restaurant is that you will enjoy an excellent and mesmerizing view of the Sanatan Mandir. Note that it is a positive experience for most visitors. And if you’re fond of Mexican cuisine, visiting Taqueria San Bruno is a must. This is because you can enjoy perfectly cooked fried prawns, chicken Milanese, and grilled salads.

You will be pleased to know that this restaurant also offers flavorsome watermelon salads, grilled mango, and grilled pineapple. It is best to start your meal with strawberry colada or scrumptious michelada. Keep in mind that this place has excellent fresh juices as well.

You can also select between outdoor and indoor seating according to your convenience and preferences. The friendly and courteous staff works hard and stays positive, making dining at this place a wonderful experience. There is no doubt that fabulous service is one of the strong points that play an important role in the success of this remarkable restaurant.

West Coast Café

You may have heard of West Coast Café. It is a high-end and elegant eatery in San Bruno that has become well-known for its relaxed and comfy atmosphere and decent meals. You will be happy to know that the bright and large dining room has comfortable seating, sleek finishing, and crisp linens. On the other hand, the patio offers you the chance to enjoy your meals and drinks under the sun.

Note that West Coast Café is known not just for its award-winning and delicious Italian dishes but also for its relaxed and elegant Tuscany ambiance. The restaurant offers authentic Italian delicacies with remarkable service.

It is worth noting that West Coast Café’s menu consists of exceptional authentic Italian cuisine, including fresh salads and a lot more. Keep in mind that some of the popular items are fettuccine con solstice, linguine Tutto mare, gnocchi al Pomodoro gorgonzola, and calamari sautee. And that is not all; besides these delectable menu choices, the café has a remarkable wine list for all patrons to enjoy.